Dance outs 2024


Our public dance outs are listed below:


Is Blackadder’s 40th anniversary year!

Our name came from when the side were watching ‘Blackadder’ on TV after a practice in 1984. It was the episode during which Rowan Atkinson mutters, “Oh no not the Morris dancers”. It was in that moment that a founding member suggested ‘Black Adder’ as our team’s name and it stuck from then on.

Hope to see you (👀) at some of our 40th anniversary year dance outs. Please watch this space and our Facebook page for our dance out updates.

  • Evening dance out with Bedcote Morris, The Robin Hood Inn, Amblecote, Stourbridge.
    Thursday 23rd May 8pm – 10pm
    The Robin Hood Inn Facebook

  • BlackAdder 40th Anniversary celebration. Different sides dancing with us for the day. Two dance spots: one at New Street Station ( by Ozzy the bull) and the other at Bournville Village. 10.30 am – 1.30 pm.
    Saturday 28thSeptember.
    Blackadder website – It’s us 🙂