Black Adder Music

Traditional English Music - mainly Northern.  Key of G or D.  

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Black adder dances and tunes 


Danced regularly....

  • Annie's Delight

Dr. Faustus/ Loddie/ The Ton

  •  Cotteridge Islands (named for the mini-roundabouts outside our old practice room)

Bog Down in the Valley

  • Goosebury

Long Morris/ Captain Pugwash

  •  Goostrey

Speed The Plough

  • Interchange (named for Spaghetti Junction)

Jenny Lind

  • Jane's Dance

Manx Tune/ Shepherds Hay

  •  Nina's Shuffle

Church Street

  • Mighty Oak

The Clumsy Lover

  • Windmill

Salmon Tails or Pas d'été (aka. Dance of the Fat Man)


Danced occasionally.....

  • The French Exchange

The High Road To Linton

  • Mrs Hepple's Cat

Double Lead Through/ Dorset 4 Hand Reel


  • Stars and Straights

Harper's Frolic

  • Stirchley Polka

Ward's Brae/ Buttered Peas/ Holmes' Fancy

  •  Scapegoat's Agony

Brighton Camp

  • Snake Reel

Dorset 4 Hand Reel

  • Plymouth Reel

French Polka

  • Bethan's Dance (named for one of our younger members)

Cotillon de Marionettes


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